Cris Aflalo celebrates the music of Xerêm

Cris Aflalo

Só Xerêm (Tratore, 2003)

Bahia, Rio and Sao Paulo dominate a lot of the music that is produced in
Brazil. Little by little, the sounds from other regions are managing to generate
, a singer from São Paulo, is playing a leading role in the
project to celebrate the musical achievements of her grandfather, Xerêm, a
talented Brazilian composer, whose musical career goes back to long before the
40s during the golden age of radio in Rio de Janeiro.Xerêm’s music was rooted in traditional regional music from the northeast of
Brazil, such as baião, xote, embolada and côco. Cris Aflalo has added innovative
arrangements to her grandfather’s songs and is now introducing his songs and the
beats of northeastern Brazil to new audiences.

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