Boxed Set of Vietnamese Music

Kent, Ohio, USA – Mother Mountain and Father Sea is the
title of a boxed set of field recordings made in Vietnam. Each CD focuses on the
musical traditions of a region of Vietnam, from The Delta of the Nine Dragons to
the Delta of the Red River. This CD set is the first comprehensive and
geographically systematic collection of its kind, now available under the White
Cliffs Media label. Produced by Dr.
Phong Nguyen
and Dr. Terry Miller, this six-CD set includes a
48 page booklet offering comments on each region generally and on each track in
particular. CD 1: The Delta of the Nine Dragons: Music from Vietnam’s South;
CD 2: Temple Ruins and Green Dragons: Music of the South-Central Coastal
Plains of Vietnam
; CD 3: Cloud and Sea: Music of Hue and the Perfume
; CD 4: Sword Lake and the Red River Delta: The Music of Hanoi and
the North
; CD 5: The Sounds of Vietnam’s Religions and Rituals; CD 6:
Music of the Truong Son Mountains.

Available from Institute for Vietnamese
, 2005 Willow Ridge Circle, Kent, Ohio 44240, USA. E-mail: