Omar Sosa presents a new solo piano recording

San Francisco, USA – Aleatoric EFX is Omar
‘s new solo
piano recording (OTA1013). Available only at the all-new

The album was recorded live at Radio Bremen, Germany, in November 2003,
Aleatoric EFX
is Omar Sosa’s fourth solo piano recording. The new CD
combines Omar’s free, improvisatory approach to the piano, with his use of a
number of electronic effects, also directed live from the piano during the
performance. The result is an engaging, multi-dimensional musical experience,
with elements of jazz, classical, new music, and electronica.[image2_right]The term “aleatoric” refers to the chance or random ways in which
the subtle electronic elements mesh with the performance both inside the piano
and on the keyboard. From the mysterious, ethereal beginnings of Follow My
Shadow, with its bass string drone and yearning melodic figure, to the classical
lyricism and haunting beauty of Impromptu in D Minor, the recording opens in a
delicate, understated mood. Mute Ostinato in C continues Omar’s fascination with
the bass drone, as in Indian classical music, combined with a series of lilting
rhythmic figures, and unique use of the coco shells inside the piano on the
strings. Throughout these opening improvisations, one can see the influence of
one of Omar’s classical music mentors, Erik Satie.