Johnny Clegg Live DVD

New York, USA –
Eagle Rock Entertainment has released Live! And More, the
first live DVD of

Johnny Clegg
with Savuka &
Juluka. It includes
9 Savuka Videos
and 4 Juluka Videos.

Clegg merged the white, English-speaking culture with the Black, African culture
of South Africa to form South Africa’s first interracial band Juluka. In the
days of apartheid, Juluka encountered their share of problems, including the
banning of their first album by the South African government. After this group
disbanded in the mid-80’s, Clegg formed another band, Savuka, which blended
European pop with African music. Savuka toured North America, opening for Steve
Winwood and George Michael, as well as garnering a Grammy nomination in the Best
World Music Category.

Video list:

1. Umfazi Omdala
2. Cruel Crazy Beautiful World
3. Take My Heart Away
4. Jericho
5. It’s An Illusion
6. Hambile / The Dance
7. Scatterlings of Africa
8. Warsaw 1943
9. Siyayilanda
10. Dela
11. Asimbonanga
12. One Man One Vote
13. I Call Your Name – Dance


this DVD