Electrified Tangos Feature All Star Cast

Caliente Records released Tango Project Vol. 2 New-Tango this month, featuring thirteen new electrified tangos produced by Jaime Wilensky. This exceptional collection of songs showcases the talents of Carla Pugliese, Andres Linetzky, Ernesto Romeo and Leopoldo Federico.

The tango is Argentina’s gift to the world offering an alluring mix of song and dance. With Tango Project Vol. 2 New-Tango, Mr. Wilensky has created a sumptuous album with an all star cast. Ms. Pugliese is the granddaughter of the famous Osvaldo Pugliese and has performed in the National Geographic Society film about the Pugliese Dynasty. Mr. Linetzky is one of the most important tango artists of the new generation contributing his unique style and approach. Mr. Romeo brings an electronic influence to the tango with his IT and electroacoustic media, piano, harmony and composition background while Maestro Federico is one of the greatest large accordion players in the history of music.

With songs such as “Sentimentios”, “Compadre”, and “Chocolate”, the listener receives a true treasure of modern day electronic tango music. All thirteen tangos are composed by the legendary Jaime Wilensky.

We released Tango Project featuring Horacio Ravera Vol. 1 to critical acclaim and thought that an electrified, modern tango collection would be a great follow-up,” said Caliente Entertainment President Maria Zenoz. “The talent of Jaime Wilensky and the outstanding musicians who contributed to this collection of tangos is unparalleled. They have really outdone themselves on this recording!

Caliente Records is distributed by Pimienta/Universal Music Latino in the US.

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