Madjoka, Sons of Africa

Madrid, Spain – Kelson Music has released Hijos de Africa (Sons of Africa) by Madjoka. It is a compilation album by the legendary band formed by musicians from Equatorial Guinea and Angola, which includes some of the best material, including classics such as “Mirada Asesina” and “Traidor,” as well as recent pieces like “Este Muro no se Cae.” It includes two previously unreleased songs, “Children of the sea” and “En el corredor de la muerte” and the music video “España va bien”. The band’s leader, Juan Manuel Luembe, “Chielo,” comes from the paradise island of Corisco, across from Bata (Equatorial Guinea). He is a master dancer, who learned the rituals of dance and percussion practiced in his island and has led some of its dance groups. He is joined by the power ol vocals of Angolan Francisco.