Musicians from Cuban Province of Granma to Play in World´s Longest Son

(Prensa Latina – Cumbancha) Bayamo, Cuba.- More than 200 musicians from the eastern Cuban province of Granma will perform in this city for 24 hours, on May 17, as part of the Longest Son Song in the World, an event of Cuban artists to take place May 15-30. The goal is to set a new Guinness record -more than 300 hours non-stop- to include nearly 3,000 acts of the genre, one of the basic rhythms of Cuban music. The event will begin in Santiago de Cuba, and end at La Tropical Ball Room in Havana, to break the previous record of more than 100 hours, set in 1997 by 1,200 artists.
The Plaza de la Patria will be the scene for the musicians in Granma, to open with the famous orchestra Original de Manzanillo and close with Cándido Fabré and his band. The 24 groups chosen for the feat also include Tempestad Latina, Yakare, Fiverson, Compacto and Estrellas del Caribe. The world´s longest Son is part of the program for the 8th International Cubadisco Fair, an event to promote Cuban music.