Dennis Bolten’s Mix of Blues, Americana and World Sounds

Dennis Bolten - Silk’s Groove
Dennis Bolten – Silk’s Groove
Dennis Bolten, a Montana based instrumentalist, released his new CD, Silk’s Groove, on May 1st. The album is a blend of fingerstyle guitar, banjo, dobro and ukulele.

Dennis played French horn and cello in school and guitar in various rock bands.
While in college, Lance Boyd’s jazz workshops and jazz theory classes instilled the energy, fun and playfulness that stay with Dennis’ writing today."Musicians who bring as much emotion to their work as technique influence me the most," Dennis says. "Players who are also writers inspire me. They
bring a desire and spark to their work. And it’s writing that continues to draw
me in
." He loves the quirky humor of Leo Kottke and Tin Hat Trio as much as
the simplicity and playfulness of Bill Frisell and Yann Tiersen.

"Silk’s Groove is a fresh mix of styles and instruments," Dennis Bolten comments on his new release. "The ukulele pieces were adapted from fingerstyle guitar compositions that I reduced to miniatures
to help pace the CD. The first banjo track, Rattlebones, is a blues piece while
the second, Mementos, was influenced by French street music. The guitar tracks
range from the classic subtlety of Ascension to the groove driven Thigh High to
the rattling blues of Hammerhead

Silk’s Groove samples are available today at and
Silk’s Groove