You Are Here, New Studio Album by Banco De Gaia

San Francisco, USA – You Are Here, the new album from Toby Marks (aka Banco de Gaia) is scheduled for
release in North America on May 11. The album
features the vocal talents of Jennifer Folker (also heard on
“Obsidian” from Banco’s album Igizeh) and remixes to be released
separately by Future Loop Foundation and Andy Guthrie’s OverfunktYou Are Here is the first studio album by Banco De Gaia since Igizeh
in 2000. The album is a series of musical snap shots of the world we live in as
of 2003. It is not a slogan-shouting political tirade, more a meditation on how
things are, a globally inspired series of soundtracks.

Banco de Gaia intends to tour the United States with a completely new live
show featuring brand new video material as well as tunes from You Are Here.

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