Ondekoza is Back with Kyoten Dochi

Germany – For years, taiko drumming
fans had not heard anything from Ondekoza after the death of the band’s
founder Tagayasu Den. Now the oldest and most famous taiko drumming
ensemble from Japan is back with a new line-up and new musical ideas.
The title of the new album is Kyoten Dochi (Tropical Music CD 68.841).
Since the early 90s the “devils on drums” have been famous for their
energetic shows. Ondekoza just came back from the Boston Marathon in the
United States, where they had already participated in 1975, running
directly to the stage after the marathon. Until the beginning of the
2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (Peking) the group will run 12,500 km
across China and in the summer 2005 the band will be back for shows in