The Cape Verdian Voice of Tété Alhinh

The Netherlands – Dutch label World Connection will be releasing Voz
this week, the new album by Cape Verdian singer Tété Alhinho. She is a member of
the famous group

. The group’s first album, Raiz, includes two of her own
songs. Voz shows that for Tété Alhinho there is life after Simentera.

Voz  is collaboration between Tété Alhinho and Mario Lucio, the
friend and companion with whom she has worked for years. Apart from the special
relationship they enjoyed throughout Simentera, he also produced her two earlier
records. “Voz,’observes Tété Alhinho, ”is the very natural
thing that exists between two people who are used to playing together, and who
feel things in the same way
. “To listen to tracks of Voz: click on the Tété banner at and see at

Tété Live as support act of
in the Netherlands 2004

30 October: Theater Het Kruispunt, Barendrecht

31 October: De Vereeniging, Nijmegen

2 November: Vredenburg, Utrecht

3 November: Concertzaal Tilburg