Bliss, Hindustani Classical Vocal – Khyal

England – Audiorec has released Blish,
the latest album by Pandit Samaresh Chowdhury. He is one of very few
distinguished, younger generation classical vocalists from India. Polished as it
is, his vocal technique is primarily a testament to the rigorous training and
grooming of his early years. Son of the famous “Sangeetacharya” (an honorific
title for great accomplishment in music), the late Amaresh Chowdhury, Samaresh
Chowdhury began his early training under the strict supervision of his
illustrious father.Later, he entered into pupilage with the world-famous sitar maestro Pandit Ravi
Shankar who swiftly recognized his talent and deep commitment to classical
music. His ability to bring a refined freshness and spontaneity to raags (a.k.a.
ragas) that have already been sung thousands of times over hundreds of years,
made Samaresh Chowdhury, with his extraordinary range and control over the
octaves, stand out for listeners and critics, alike.

Blish (Audiorec 766032 1059-2, 2004) includes Raag Todi,
Raag Kukav-Bilawal, and Raag Anand Kalyan.