TJ Rehmi\’s Warm Chill

London, England –  British musician TJ Rehmi has a new recording on the
Dharma Moon label entitled The
Warm Chill
. It is his  fifth full-length album, an innovative
blend of electronic beats and South Asian melodies, fused with ambient guitar

Rehmi is an accomplished musician, composer and producer from Birmingham,
England, who began his career playing with local Jazz and Reggae bands. As the Bhangra scene began to build momentum in the mid 1980s, TJ was in the mix,
touring with such influential UK Bhangra bands as A.S. Kang, Pardesi,
Achanak, Azaad and Chirag Pechan, in addition to studio production and
session work with many top acts.In the 1990s, TJ began writing and producing
his own music to round out his performing career. TJ’s first E.P., The
came out on Nation rRcords in 1996. His distinctive use of drum &
bass beats mixed with his unique style brought about a following in Europe
that lead to the release of his second EP, Skrutinizer, in 1997, followed by
four albums on Nation and Shakti Records. TJ also started remixing songs for
such labels as Real Records, Urgent Records, OSA and Six Degrees. Tracks
from his albums have appeared on numerous compilations including the Asian
(Manteca) and VIP Lounge (George V Records) CDs.