Andy Montañez to Record with Pablo Milanés

(Prensa Latina – Cumbancha) San Juan, Puerto Rico – Puerto Rican salsa musician Andy Montañez disclosed he will be involved in a music project along with Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés current year. Although the songs have not been chosen yet, Montañez stated the album will include songs by Puerto Rican authors Pedro Flores and Rafael Hernández. The awarded salsa musician did not disregard the insertion of other songs by Cuban, Mexican or other international composers.

According to Montañez, the idea is to record a duet album with Milanés and they will choose songs to be
arranged for it. “We will look for songs we think we can sing, as the songs should be sang when you put your soul on it,” Montañez said. The intention of recording an album came up in when they met in London, where they coincided and talked about their wish to record together.