Universi Sonori, Introduzioni all’etnomusicologia

Tullia Magrini has written a 342 book in Italian which
translates as Sound Universe, an introduction to ethnomusicology. The book’s
intention is to illustrate in which way world music cab be observed and studied
with the tools available ethnomusicologists. It analyzes the core research
methodology: field research, musical ethnography, transcriptions, the study or
lyrics, etc.

There are contributions by well known specialists,
including Simha Arom, John Blacking, Judith Lynne Hanna, Bruno Netti, Anthony
Seeger, Edwin Seroussi, Mark Slobin, Marcello Keller and Win Van Zanten.

Tullia Magrini is an ethnomusiciologist and musical
anthropology professor at the University of Bologna. She has published numerous
books, articles, CDs and CD ROMs. She is the founder of the study group
Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures of  the International Council of
Traditional Music (UNESCO).

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(Italy) as part of its Piccola Biblioteca Einaudi, ISBN