L’Youm Dima, New Album by Emil Zrihan

Israel – Israeli musician and renowned vocalist
has a new recording. Zrihan’s new album L’ Youm Dima was
produced by the highly acclaimed Nabil Khalidi, who used to perform with Emil as
an ‘ud player. Khalidi composed 7 original pieces for the album and brought
together the leading Middle Eastern-pop musicians in the French scene. He also
added to the arrangements a top-class Moroccan string section (16 musicians) and
together with Zrihan they dedicated their time to recording in France and
Morocco.Emil Zrihan’s voice, known as “the voice of the mockingbird,” unleashes
searing, fantastically ornamented notes that go on and on and on. Today he’s one
of the finest countertenor’s in the world, with the repertoire that spans his
ancestors’ Spanish roots, the North African secular music of his youth and
Jewish liturgical song