Sampling, Much More than Vocal Tricks

(Prensa Latina – Cumbancha) Madrid, Spain – After half an hour of concert, the
peaceful atmosphere of Madrid´s Calle 54 club – the hottest European Latin jazz
spot, created by moviemaker Fernando Trueba- was totally forgotten. By voice,
talent, wit and heart,
achieved what no band had been able to do: make everybody dance
without playing an instrument. The recent Spanish tour by the six-voice strong
Sampling has received raving reviews as the audiences become familiar the songs
off their latest album Cambio de Tiempo (Decca, 2002). Vocal Sampling is a band where all the instruments are sung instead of
played. In addition to the lead vocals and the background choruses, all the
instruments of the Cuban orchestra are vocally reproduced: percussion, horns,
keyboards, bass, and all the other instruments. There is no technical
manipulation and no other instruments are used.

The group is comprised of six young Cuban men in their twenties, all
accomplished instrumentalists and arrangers, who met at music school. What began
as an amusing after-school game has become their full-time career.