Polito Ibáñez Presents his Latest Album in Cienfuegos

(Prensa Latina – Cumbancha) Cienfuegos, Cuba.- Cuban singer songwriter Polito
Ibáñez presented his latest album Axilas at the Tomas Terry Theater in
Cienfuegos, which gathered a mostly youth audience. Songs composed by Ibañez in
this and other albums made the audience vibrate for more than an hour. Inserted in the most contemporary trends of rock, the singer-composer born in
the Cienfuegos municipality of Rodas, showed his gifted voice in his songs, most
of them profound and thought-provoking. The famous Cuban musician has previously
recorded two other CD’s titled “Recuento” and “Para no Pensar,” songs widely
used on soap operas, presented in video clips and TV and radio programs.