Music Is Essential in Sports, Cuban Coach Says

(Prensa Latina – Cumbancha) Guantánamo, Cuba – The renowned Cuban boxing trainer
Alcides Sagarra, who coached many Cuban teams in Olympic, Pan-American and
Central American games, said that music is fundamental for sport. Sagarra, who
trained the three-time Olympic champions Teófilo Stevenson and Félix Savón,
pointed out during a sideline of the Changüí Festival being held here that "boxers
must have rhythm and coordination
". "That is why, we use music with them,"
he added.Sagarra told a personal anecdote: Teófilo Stevenson had to fight a strong
adversary shortly after his father’s death, so "I used a song about a father,
and that transformed him
". According to the master of Cuban sport, "human
feelings are expressed through music