Rashid Khan’s Voice of India

Rashid Khan - Voice of India
Rashid Khan – Voice of India
Great Britain – Sense World Music has released Voice of India, the new recording by vocalist Rashid Khan. “There is now at least one person in sight who is an assurance for the future of Indian vocal music“, this was the accolade bestowed on Rashid Khan from Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, the elder statesman of Khayal singing, when answering the concerns of connoisseurs of Hindustani music about whether its tradition of excellence would continue.

Still in his thirties, a comparatively young age by Indian music standards, Rashid Khan has emerged as one of the most revered artists in the modern era of North Indian Classical music. He is one of the few contemporary vocalists whose performances capture the rare quality of ‘tasir’, the indescribable ability to create a genuine impact on listeners.

Voice of India, was recorded at Saptak Festival 2003, Gujarat (India). It features Rashid Khan on vocal, Yogesh Samsi on tabla, and Mehmood Dhaulpuli on harmonium.