Extraordinary Scottish Music

Shooglenifty - The Arms Dealer's Daughter</a Shooglenifty – The Arms Dealer’s DaughterThe Arms Dealer’s Daughter (Compass Records 74362 2, 2003)

Shooglenifty is an instrumental band that is creating new ways of expression for Scottish music. Unlike many other contemporary bands in the so-called Celtic genre, Shooglenifty did not find a need to use vocalists and, frankly, they don’t need singers as the band members are a phenomenal group of
instrumentalists. The groundbreaking sound of the band is based in the combination of traditional Scottish melodies and rhythms with other cultures such as their Celtic cousins in Spain, as well as African guitar, Asian impressions, rumba beats and Afro-American jazz.

But this not your typical acoustic band reworking traditional songs. Shooglenifty creates an imaginative amalgamation of acoustic and electric sounds. Fiddle, banjo, mandolin and Galician pandeiro (frame drum) are mixed with electric guitars and bass, trap drums, samples and effects. The US release is out on Compass Records, a label that has managed to license some of the finest contemporary Irish and British folk music.