Strictly Mundial Istanbul 2004

Istanbul, Turkey – Istanbul will host the 4th edition of the World Music Fiesta, Conference & Fair known as Strictly Mundial. The event will take place April 21-24, 2004

Strictly Mundial is a touring and showcasing event supervised by the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF). Previous editions have taken place in Zaragoza/Spain (2000), Salvador de Bahia/Brazil (2001), and Marseilles/France (2003). Strictly Mundial Istanbul 2004 is produced by Istanbul-based company artmaxx.

All events will take place in the heart of Istanbul, in the area around the city’s busiest area, Taksim. For centuries, Taksim has been the settlement of citizens from different origins. Nowadays, it has turned into a compact and famous cultural hotspot where day and night you can find any kind of event and entertainment. In addition, you have a breathtaking view from the festival venue over the beautiful Bosporus connecting Europe and Asia.

This city is a perfect place for bringing together the musics of the world at the crossroads of the cultures.