Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – a sufi supreme

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - A Sufi Supreme
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – A Sufi Supreme
London, England – British label Manteca has added a new title to the growing collection of
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan recordings. A Sufi Supreme (MANTCD046) is sensitively selected and sequenced to show the breadth and passion of his work.

I ate my heart out. I felt a rush of adrenaline in my chest, like I was on the edge of a cliff, wondering when I would jump.” So wrote the late Jeff Buckley about hearing Nusrat for the first time.“ During his comparatively short life Nusrat was not short of famous fans and his was the voice that helped elevate a centuries old Islamic Sufi tradition of ecstatic Qawwal (lit: utterance) singing, to a popular art.  It includes key lyric translations and an informed introduction to the music.

Notes by Bhagwant Sagoo and Compilation by Iain Scott.

Bhagwant is a Broadcaster and Producer of the Asian Network at BBC Three Counties Radio (UK) and also writer and visiting lecturer on the origins and development of Hindi Film Music.

Iain first stumbled on Qawwali by accident. Probably in a field somewhere, or maybe at a late-night concert in an obscure town hall. He can’t remember. What he can remember is his utter disbelief at the skill and artistry involved. Transfixed.

1. Pyar Ka Diya Jalta Rahe
2. Meri Bukkal Wich Chor Chor
3. Ag Ishq Di (Bossa Mix)
4. Alif Allah Chambe Dee Booti (edit)
5. Sanware Tore Bin Jiya (from ‘Bandit Queen’)
6. Bari Bari Iman
7. Jhoole Jhoole Lal (Tabla Mix)
8. Mere Nabi Pyare Nabi
9. Funeral Pyres (from ‘Bandit Queen’)