Javier Ruibal’s Sahara, Andalusian Music and Poetry

Javier Ruibal - Sahara
Javier Ruibal – Sahara
San Francisco, USA – Riverboat/World Music Network will release Javier Ruibal’s latest CD, Sahara, on October 21st.

Javier Ruibal is an exceptional singer-songwriter from Cádiz, Spain, who forges a new sound out of Flamenco and North African influences. A modern-day, quintessentially Spanish troubadour, Ruibal’s songs of love and women are poetry, his vibrant music honoring centuries-old traditions as he breaks new ground with his own vision. A slice of inspired life from southern Spain that can see Morocco on a clear day.

Sahara comprises material from his first two releases, Contrabando (1997) and Las Damas Primero (2001), together with a new recording especially for this release, Ruibal’s international debut.

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