Reyner Mariño Tour Continues in Pinar del Rio

Reyner Mariño - Alma Gitana
Reyner Mariño – Alma Gitana
(Prensa Latina- Cumbancha) Pinar del Rio, Cuba – As part of its second national tour, Reyner Mariño’s flamenco company is performing in this city. The show will include seven songs and five instrumentals and promote his EGREM-produced album Alma Gitana -an album that fuses flamenco with Cuban rhythms, rock and jazz.

The young artist received the Concert Music National Award in 2000, while the group he leads was nominated for high distinctions in Spain in the two last years.The invitation to participate in the Biennial and in the International Flamenco Fair in Sevilla, the most important international event in flamenco, are some of the recognitions obtained by the group, which celebrates its third anniversary on October 21.

Mariño is considered a virtuoso on the guitar, who shows considerable interest for going deep into the different subgenera that composes flamenco art. He got positive reviews by critics and a warmth welcome by the audience during his first tour around Andalusia, Spain.

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