Cesaria Evora Releases Voz d’Amor

Madrid, Spain –

Cesaria Evora - Voz D'Amor
Cesaria Evora – Voz D’Amor
(BMG), is the title of the new and intimate album by Cesaria Evora, which was released in Europe on September 17th.

This new release, as charming as previous recordings, is close in style to the celebrated Miss Perfumado.

Voz D’Amor was recorded with musicians led by pianist Fernando (Nando) Andrade who have backed Cesaria on stage since the start of 2000 and appeared on her previous album, Sao Vicente di Longe. It also features artists from Cuba, Madagascar (Régis Gizavo) and Brazil (Hamilton de Holanda), who lend a particularly warm sound to the album.

Even though she is now internationally renowned, Cesaria Evora does not forget her origins, a life that included fighting and difficulties. The “bare-footed diva” has known to keep loyal to her identity, preserving her enormous tenderness.