Benny Moré International Festival Colloquium Concludes

(Prensa Latina- Cumbancha) Cienfuegos, Cuba.- The colloquium Popular Traditional and Folkloric Music in the Current Context of Culture, seminars included in the 14th International Benny More Music Festival, concluded in this city after three days. The end of the workshops resulted in the perfect moment to evaluate the current edition of the festival that took place in the stages of Cienfuegos and Santa Isabel de las Lajas.

National Museum of Music director Jesús Gómez Cairo classified the organization of the event as excellent, which obliges to do even better for the 2005 edition.Next year it is expected to extend the topics of the colloquium to popular dance music, genres, styles, importance within music and as popular cultural expression, including other aspects.

Investigators, historians, musicians and experts discussed the life and career of the King of Son, the influence of Miguel Matamoros, and the approach to Afro-Cuban elements in the work of Obdulio Morales, Benny as “decimal” (ten verse poem) author and reciter and Cienfuegos in Cuban Music. The analysis also dealt with the presence of instruments of carabalí origin in South America, the Caribbean and Cuba; Benny Moré and his Big Band, and some elements of Changüí.