World Music Webcast Keeps World Music Alive 24/7

San Diego, USA (PRWEB) September 16, 2003 – World Music Webcast is an Internet broadcast service of The World Music Radio Society, a non-profit educational organization. The primary objective of The World Music Radio Society is to promote an appreciation of “world music,” that is, music recorded and performed by artists from around the world, and to provide this music to the listening public via the Internet.

True to its mission of providing music “you simply will not hear on broadcast radio,” WMW is not a juke-box or “canned” audio programmed by a single person, but LIVE-hosted programs produced in the station’s own Webcast Studio. With a weekly schedule divided into Eclectic Programming and Specialty Shows, World Music Webcast has continually striven to be musically INclusive, rather than EXclusive.Launched on the Internet July 26, 1999, World Music Webcast has developed a loyal base of listeners from more than 58 countries on earth as well as favorable reviews in national and San Diego press, including USA Today, Global Rhythm Magazine, and San Diego Magazine, among others.

You can find World Music Webcast live stream and complete schedule at: