From the Roots of Moravian Folklore 

Prague, Czech Republic – Czech label, Indies Records, has released a new album that focuses on the Moravian tradition.

Magic Playing…from the Roots of Moravian Folklore (Indies Records MAM 209) features 13 music bands that represent current day artists who draw from the Moravian folk tradition. They compose or perform their own versions of folk tunes, with new arrangement and thus preserve the creative
link between the musical past and future thereby strengthening the original and unique culture of the Czech lands.

Bands and individual artists with a long tradition, Hradišťan, Iva Bittová, Teagrass, Tomáš Kočko, appear on the CD along with young, beginning musicians (Maraca, Docuku, Benedikta) who still discover the beauty of folk songs.The focus of the album is not to survey the entire range of this musical branch so popular nowadays. It simply tries to give the listeners at home and abroad an idea about Moravian world music.

The booklet comes in 4 languages:  English, French, German, and Czech. An MP# is available at:
free MP3 – Muziga..