Putumayo’s American Blues

Putumayo presents... American Blues
Putumayo presents… American Blues
New York, USA – Putumayo continues its series dedicated to blues music with American Blues. The United States Congress has designated 2003 as the Year of the Blues and both PBS (Public Broadcasting System) and NPR (National Public Radio) are producing series that will bring a much greater profile to the blues this fall.

With American Blues, which will be released on August 26, 2003, Putumayo continues its series of blues and blues-influenced albums that began in 1999 with Mali to Memphis: An African-American Odyssey.

American Blues is a collection of some of our favorite blues tracks by legends and rising stars that are helping to keep the blues alive and thriving.

The artists on this compilation have remained true to the roots of the blues, be those the acoustic guitar sounds of the Mississippi Delta, the urban electric drive of Chicago, or the swamp boogie of Louisiana. While they may have developed their own unique voices and approaches, they have made it their mission to respect the fundamental sound, structure and soul of the blues.