Ragamorphism DVD

Prasanna - Ragamorphism
Prasanna – Ragamorphism
India – Virtuoso musician Prasanna, the leading exponent of electric guitar in Indian classical music, has released an educational DVD titled Ragamorphism.

This is the first ever educational DVD that really goes into the depths of application of Indian Classical Carnatic music to contemporary Jazz, Rock, Blues improvisation and beyond.

In spite of the complex nature of the material presented here, Prasanna employs a relaxed conversational approach throughout the film, Prasanna unlocks the potent wealth of his microtonal Carnatic vocabulary, that makes it possible for him to improvise in a way no other guitarist has ever done before.Ragamorphism explores numerous ragas and their applications in soloing over chord changes, the blues, chord voicings derived from Ragas, microtonal slurring and sliding guitar techniques, mathematical treatment of rhythms etc., are just some of the material covered in this power packed 90 minute ride, which includes extensive close-up shots of his guitar playing, all supplemented with professionally laid out music notation.

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