Gnawa Njoum Experience

Gnawa Njoum - Boum Ba Clash
Gnawa Njoum – Boum Ba Clash
Gnawa Njoum Experience (No Fridge/Boom Ba Clash NOCD 097, 2003)

Gnawa music from Morocco has attracted the attention of many musicians in the fields of rock, jazz and world music. Some of the hybrid sounds that came out from these experiments were really interesting, others were frightening.

Gnawa Njoum Experience is definitely one of the positive experiences. The album is the result of an encounter between traditional music by Gnawa Njoum (from Essawira, Morocco) and several musicians from the Parisian electronic music scene, including UHT. The lyrics are in English, French and in Arabic, accompanied by trance-like acoustic rhythms provided by the Gnawa and a series of electronic beats that range from funk to reggae.