Austrian-Palestinian Musician Deported by Israeli Authorities

East Jerusalem – Artist Marwan Abado, an Austrian National of Palestinian origin, was detained immediately upon his arrival into Tel Aviv airport on Sunday 20th of July, and then was deported.

Abado was scheduled to participate in the Jerusalem Festival – Songs of Freedom, and in Bethlehem. His detention and deportation came in spite of the fact that Abado had obtained a visa through the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Several diplomatic bodies tried to intervene in the matter to have Abado released, including a representative from the Austrian Embassy, UNDP and the Consulate General of France. However, the Israeli Security continued to deny Abado entry, canceled his visa and put him on the first plane to Vienna after 24 hours of detention.

Regarding the incident, the festival organizers said: “We see such an unjustified action creating another unnecessary obstacle on the road to peace.”