Review for The Music of Martinique

Wapa Sakitanou

The Music of Martinique (ARC Music 1790, 2003)

Looking for something a little different? Say, Caribbean? ARC Music’s The Music of Martinique features Wapa Sakitanou, a lively musical group that encompasses the traditional music, costumes and dance of Martinique.

Rich and weighty with African rhythms, The Music of Martinique showcases the call and response of vocals and percussion found in traditional Martinique music. Wapa Sakitanou percussionists make the tambour bèlè (barrel drum) and the ti-bwa (bamboo percussion) the backbone of the song upon which the singers build.

Christian Valléjo is the lead drummer of the group, as well as author, composer and arranger. Sonia Marc Lasosso is the group’s choreographer and writes and arranges songs. Lead male singer Félix Cébarec warms up “Frapé Tig-bang,” “Bouwo” and especially “Marie o” with his rich tone. Sonia Marc Lasosso’s powerful voice takes center stage with “Changé la mi mwen” and “Milo Casérus.”

The Music of Martinique is a fine pick for the person seeking traditional Caribbean music.



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