Sisters, Oneida Iroquois Hymns

Maisie Shenandoah & Liz Robert - Sisters: Oneida Iroquois Hymns
Boulder, Colorado, USA – Silver Wave Records will be releasing next week an album of Oneida Iroquois Hymns by twin sisters, Maisie Shenandoah and Liz Robert, who are both members of the Oneida band. The album, titled Sisters: Oneida Iroquois Hymns, also features renowned Native American singer Joanne Shenadoah.

The recording, which has a strong environmental message, includes popular hymns in the Iroquois language, blending Native American and Christian cultures. “These songs of thanksgiving are vital to the human heart. they remind us that it is the duty of each person to care for this planet in trust for those yet unborn. By raising our voices in song we extend words of gratitude to every living thing“.