Cuban Music Legend Compay Segundo Dies at 95

Compay Segundo in Raleigh - Photo by Angel Romero
Compay Segundo in Raleigh – Photo by Angel Romero

Havana, Cuba – Legendary Cuban musician and composer Compay Segundo died on Sunday, July 13th in Havana, Cuba. Details about his death were not available, but as World Music Central reported on July 9th, he was seriously ill as his kidney ailments intensified, and the artist had to cancel contracts and presentations abroad.

Máximo Francisco Repilado Muñoz was born in the small mining town of Siboney, in the eastern Province of Santiago de Cuba.

According to the Spanish Performing Society (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores -SGAE), Compay Segundo had 129 songs registered with them, many of which have now become classics. Compay Segundo wrote very popular songs such as Chan Chan, which became a hymn to several generations of Cuban musicians. He also wrote Amor de loca juventud, Balcón de Santiago, Calderito de tomar café, Sarandonga, Se secó el arroyito and Sabroso.

For a detailed look at Compay Segundo’s life and discography, visit World Music Central’s profile of the Cuban musician: Compay Segundo.