CD Review: Agua ‘e Coco by Huracán de Fuego

Huracán de Fuego - Agua 'e Coco
Huracán de Fuego – Agua ‘e Coco
Huracán de Fuego

Agua ‘e Coco (Nubenegra IN1121-2, 2003)

Unfortunately, western audiences are exposed to very little music from Venezuela. Spanish label Nubenegra has produced two recordings by one of the finest Afro-Venezuelan bands, Huracán de Fuego (the group’s name means Fire Hurricane). Agua ‘e Coco (Coconut Water) is the latest recording.

Unlike other groups who rework old songs, Huracán de Fuego creates its own music. The roots are crearly Afro-Venezuelan, but there are also African-American influences in the form of rappping. An impressive array of percussion instruments play the main role along with lead vocals, choruses and occasional flutes.Huracán de Fuego was founded by Maracaibo native Nestor Gutiérrez, who played the congas in a salsa group before becoming fascinated by the great wealth of traditional Venezuelan drums.

Gutiérrez gathered together a talented group of percussionists who share his passion to preserve the traditional instruments and performance practices in danger of disappearing in many parts of Venezuela. Huracán de Fuego’s music embraces the regional drumming techniques, style of singing, and barefoot dance associated with traditional drum performances