Danny Rivera to Sing at the Boleros de Oro Festival in Cuba

(Prena Latina – Cumbancha) Havana, Cuba – The popular Puerto Rican singer Danny Rivera will perform in a single concert during the Boleros de Oro International Festival, to take place in Cuba June 19 through 29, Organizing Committee members announced here.

The artist will perform at Havana’s Karl Marx Theater, in the capital, on the next to last day of the Festival that will gather artists from 13 countries, including a large delegation from Colombia. Of interest at the 17th edition of the Festival, 40 professors from the University of Santiago de Cali, Colombia will discourse on bolero, which Cuban composer and professor Harold Gramatges said shows the increasing interest in academics for a representative music genre on Latin American idiosyncrasy.

In a ceremony in Colombia, singer Marcela Gutierrez, director of the Cartagena Festival, announced the list of artists from her country planning to come to the Cuban festival, and researcher Arturo Upeghi commented: “Colombians know Cuba is the cradle of bolero and going to Havana is a kind of pilgrimage.”

The Festival, dedicated to Cuban singer Elena Burke, who died in 2002, will take place from June 19 through 22 in eastern Cuba, and June 26 to 29 in Havana. Mexican, Costa Rican, Chilean singers are expected and several artists known by the Cuban audience, such as Mariko Shimisu, from Japan, and Pier, from Spain. Italian singer Paola Di Lorenzi is already in Cuba. Danny Rivera at the Boleros de Oro Festival in Cuba