Buena Vista Social Club to Perform in Hong Kong

(Prensa Latina – Cumbancha) Beijing, China – Cuba’s Grammy award winning project the Buena Vista Social Club, formed by legendary musicians, will perform October 10 in Hong Kong, China. The orchestra will perform at the Great Hall of the Beijing Convention and Exhibition Center, and more than three thousand people are expected to attend.

The Buena Vista Social Club was founded in 1997, thanks to the collaboration of US musician and producer Ry Cooder. Its previous concert in Hong Kong took place in 2001 when the show was sold out a week before the performance and where they played Cuban traditional music classics such as the bolero “Veinte Años” and the son “El Cuarto de Tula.”

The Buena Vista Social Clubb repertory is comprised also by songs by its musicians including Chan Chan, by Compay Segundo, or Píntate los Labios María, by Ochoa. The list of founders also includes pianist Rubén Gonzalez and bass player Orlando Cachao (Cachaíto).

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