The Jerusalem Festival – Songs of Freedom

East Jerusalem – The Jerusalem Festival – Songs of Freedom 2003, organized by Yabous Productions will take place throughout the period of 20th–29th of July 2003, in cooperation with the General Consulate of France and with the support of cultural activists.

The festival is based upon the theme of Freedom. The Jerusalem Festival encompasses a unique theme and vision; which consequently defines its character, atmosphere and program.For ten nights, East Jerusalem will feature the power of song and music. The power that reflects the human spirit in overcoming political and social obstacles. When there is instability, musicians respond as musicians do, they compose their music to help us remember that we always have the right of freedom of life.

The Jerusalem Festival – Songs of Freedom will feature musicians and groups from all over the world: Austria, Chile, Zimbabwe, Canada, France, South Africa and Spain, as well as local Palestinian musicians and groups.

The major aim of the organizers is to give hope and courage to Palestinian people in pain, to bring back to the city of East Jerusalem, its cultural glory as the central Palestinian city and to contribute to the development of the cultural, educational economic and touristic life of East