Adalberto y Su Son - Para Bailar Casino

Regional Youth to Dance with Cuban Musicians

Adalberto y Su Son - Para Bailar Casino
Adalberto y Su Son – Para Bailar Casino
(Prensa Latina – Cumbancha)Singer and orchestra director Adalberto Alvarez announced that he is working on a cultural recreation project to be launched soon while preparing a dance music CD whose title will be used in a television program.

In “Para Bailar Casino” (To Dance Casino), a song which will be the theme of a live summer TV program with performances by orchestras and Casino dances; I even include the voices of the dressing room director, he stated. TV director Victor Torres and I conceived the program.

The new CD marks another moment of renovation in Adalberto y su Son orchestra with the incorporation of young musicians and new singers. Adalberto, the Gentleman of Son, is heading the Organizing Committee of the 1st International Gathering of Casino Dancers to be held at the 14th Festival to be held in Matanzas and at the Varadero tourist resort, from August 8 to 11, with participation of dancers from all continents.

The Music Institute, Havanatur and CIMEX Corporation are sponsoring the event that arrives in time to impede that this choreographic dance style created spontaneously in the late 1940s is materialized in other countries prior to Cuba.