Indians Indians, New Robert Mirabal CD

Robert Mirabal - Indians Indians
Robert Mirabal – Indians Indians
Boulder, Colorado, USA – One the leading Native American performers, Robert Mirabal, a member of the Taos Pueblo tribe (New Mexico), has recorded a new album titledIndians Indians. Mirabal goes back to his tribal roots with heartfelt and humorous stories, songs, and music about the people and cultures that surround him. Musician, writer, singer and storyteller, Robert Mirabal is Native America’s most dynamic and best selling artist.

From the pow-wow auction where he saw that first flute, to Japan, England and all the world, Robert plays with the noble purpose of honoring the land, his family, his ancestors and his tribe who have occupied the same area of Northern New Mexico for over a thousand years. While deeply aware of his heritage, Robert looks at the responsibility universally: “I offer my work as a healing for the human spirit and a remembrance of why we are all here together.”

In addition to the music and flutes he creates, Robert is also a celebrated painter, poet and playwright. He is the author of A Skeleton of a Bridge, a book of poetry, prose and short stories. He has lent his words and insights to several educational and documentary films, including two narrated by Robert Redford, “Silent Witness”and “Sacred Sites.”He is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts award and the New York Dance and Performer’s “Bessie”Award for composition.