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Yuri Buenaventura - Vagabundo
Yuri Buenaventura – Vagabundo
Yuri Buenaventura was the first salsa singer in France to achieve a gold disc with his 1998 album Herencia Africana including the cover of “Ne Me Quitte Pas”. For his third album, Vagabundo, Yuri worked with San Juan (Puerto Rico)musicians: Roberto Roena, leader of Appolo Sound, members of El Gran Combo, including singer, Jerry Rivas, and Cheo Feliciano, one of the mythical voices of the Fania All Stars, is special guest on two duets. The predominantly salsa style disc is further colored by the various influences of the collaborating artists. The Tango meets Caribbean music and Argentinean percussion. The album was released in France, Belgium and Switzerland last month.

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