World Music Portal has been renamed World Music Central

 Durham, North Carolina, USA – World Music Portal has been renamed World
Music Central and we have a lot of new and exciting features.

New Sections:

  • User registration. Registering allows users to author articles and news,
    participate in forums and customize their calendar. We value the privacy of
    registered users and we will not use their information for marketing purposes.

  • Submissions allows registered users and anonymous users to submit news
    stories: tour information, CD releases, new book information, conferences,
    events, trade shows, obituaries, etc.
    • Calendar. This
      exciting section lists events that will be taking place in the coming weeks or
      months. Users can submit information about their events. Registered users can
      also customize their own calendar and add personal information such as
      birthdays and anniversaries.
    • Forum
      allows users to participate in discussions and to create new threads.
    • Links allows
      registered and anonymous users to submit links automatically.
    • Comments. Users can comment on the news and other stories featured on our
    • E-mail forwarding and printing of news.

    Please read the
    Asked Questions
    section (FAQ) for other details about the functionality of
    the Web site.

    We have temporarily disabled the World Music Festivals section. It will
    return as a database.