Gnawa Njoum Experience

Gnawa Njoum - Boum Ba Clash
Gnawa Njoum – Boum Ba Clash
Paris, France – The “Gnawa Njoum Experience” is a project born from a Boum Ba Clash party at the famous Paris club Batofar where Gnawa Njoum played with DJs and musicians in an improvised live set.

Ten musicians and DJ producers from Paris joined forces with Gnawa Njoum from Morocco to mix traditional and electronic music. The collective of artists has created an album “Gnawa Njoum Experience” comprising 11 original studio tracks.

The styles include dub, breakbeat, drum ‘n’ bass and traditional rhythmic trance with performances from drummers Cyril Atef (Bumcello) and Thomas Calegari (Lab°). The album was out in France on the 24th of February, export dates are being arranged and French label Night and Day is seeking distributors and licenses abroad.