Habana Abierta Back Home

(Prensa Latina) Havana, Cuba – The musical project Habana Abierta is back home, after having worked abroad for seven years. Nonetheless, the young musicians had remained in contact with Cuban reality.  Kelvis Ochoa, Vanito Caballero, Boris Larramendi, José Luis Medina, Alejandro Gutierrez and Pepe del Valle are the members of the band.

Their work abroad resulted in a wealth of recordings with different labels: Habana Oculta (Nubenegra, 1995), Habana Abierta (BMG, 1997), produced by Gema and Pavel, and 24 horas (BMG 1999).  Kelvis recorded a solo album -“Kelvis”- with BMG, 2000, while Boris recorded one in 2003 with Zomba Records, entitled “Yo No Tengo la Culpa.”